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Viraj Kohli: An Entrepreneur on a Social Mission

'When you think your life is falling apart, it’s usually falling together in disguise' - goes a famous quote, which perfectly sums up the entrepreneurial journey for Uviraj Group. Though learning and growth has been a continuous journey for Viraj, things suddenly took a plunge in 2010 when certain unavoidable circumstances arose that forced Viraj’s father to start from scratch at an age when others plan their retirement. Witnessing his parents struggle with hope being the only oar, Viraj decided to take charge of their dream to build a huge empire. He has been working relentlessly each day and today this humbled entrepreneur feels that this is just the beginning of his dream and has a long road to travel.

"Saving lives of workers is my foremost priority, and working every day to better safeguard these men & women is what makes me happy and work with full zeal"

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