At the age of 45, when other people start to plan their retirement, Rajiv Kohli was destined to start all over again. A sudden turn of events left Rajiv with nothing but his immediate loving family of a wife and two teenaged sons, his two decade old experience of running a successful business and his priceless and well-earned goodwill in the market through his sincerity and honesty.

Starting from scratch, with only a few thousand rupees in his pocket, Rajiv geared up himself to materialize his dreams into reality and he had to do this at a faster pace than he would have done otherwise. Thus, the Uviraj family was born in 2010 with its first establishment on a very small plot measuring 1,000m only. Fall protection equipment was manufactured here and its brand, Viraj safety first, rapidly gained its reputation worldwide. Within two years, cargo lifting slings and ratchet lashings were introduced as another diversified product range under the brand Kargolift that gave tough competition to the already existing brands in the indian market. Though ecstatic with success, Rajiv was not to stop here. He spread his wings wider for a higher flight. In early 2013, gradually and steadily overcoming all hurdles and challenges, a few acres of land was bought with a vision to further expand into the personal protective equipment industry and foot protection became his next project.

However, Rajiv had to think differently and offer something unique to be able to face the existing tough competition in this market. What if he could provide shoes that not only provide safety to an industrial worker but also enhance his personality? Hence, he directed his team to develop the ‘Designer Safety Footwear’, a novel idea in this industry. Subsequently, the brand Alpha Gripp was launched that entered the market with a bang. Soon his next generation will be ready to step into his shoes and the group would soar higher, yet always grounded to earth.