Rescue Safety Kit

Viraj Safety First provides a range of Safety Kits that have been designed and arranged to fulfil the needs and requirements for different situations. The complete safety kit comes in an easy carrying bag and conforms to all CE norms.

Product Code FBH A1056
Product Type Fall Arrest, Work Positioning, Ladder Climbing or Suspension/Rigging
Capacity/Breaking Strength 25 KN
D-ring Location Back Side, Chest and Waist
Strap Adjustability Shoulder, Chest, Waist & Thigh
Webbing Material Polyester
Fall Indicator Yes
Buckle Type Alloy Steel with Zinc Plating
Stitching Thread Polyester
Webbing Width 44mm
Size Universal
Weight 2500 gms (approx.)
Standards EN 361:2002, EN 358:2000, EN 813:2008
Product Code RGFA A20
Works on 14mm/16mm diameter anchorage line
Steel karabiner used as a connector
Gravity locking system
Double security locking
Length available as per request
Product Code DSC 902
Easy To Use Grip Descender
Used On Ropes Of 10.5mm
Aluminum Alloy, Extremely light
Conforms To EN 341 Class A
Product Code TR 14 (50m)
3 Strand polyester twisted rope
Diameter 14mm
1 side loop, other side stop knot
Length available as per request
Product Code RL 2001 (1m)
Both Sides Loops
Product Code Karabiners (x3)
Material Alloy Steel/Aluminium
Opening 17mm/20mm/23mm/25mm/55mm
Strength 25 KN
Ergonomics Manual Locking/Twist Locking/Triple Locking
Finish Silver/Golden Yellow Galvanized
Standards EN 362:2004
Class B & M
Product Code BR 14 (50m)
Polyester braided rope
Diameter 14mm
1 side loop, other side stop knot
Length available as per request
Product Code ES 8003 (1m x 2)
44mm Polyamide Webbing
D-ring On One Side
Webbing Loop On The Other Side
Length Available As Per Request
Product Code FRL 3501 (2m)
Forked Twisted Rope Lanyard
Equipped With Energy Absorber
One Steel Karabiner
Two Scaffold Hooks
Conforms To EN 355:2002
Product Code WPL 2402
Automatic ring length adjuster
12mm Diameter 3 Stand Twisted Polyamide Rope
Two Karabiners At Both Ends
Maximum Size 2 Meters
Conforms To EN 358:2000
Also Available In Braided Polyamide Rope & Polyester Webbing
Product Code Rescue Kit Bag
Compact & Durable